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Copper Cable Granulator WRS 800
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Copper Wire Recycling Machine WRS 600
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Understanding of Whirlston

We hand check every machine to assure you receive a quality product. Whirlston machinery is an advanced enterprise specilized in copper recycling with a first-rate team to help clients achieve independent production and realize the goal of lowest cost and most profit. We manufacture various types of copper cable granulator and copper wire stripper machines, meeting different requirements of both light and large production scales.
Whirlston machinery has been devoted to manufacturing the most qualified copper recycling machines and the most considerate service. Various satisfied feedback from worldwide customers witness that all of our devotion is worthy and we will continuously to improve ourselves from all aspects.


Our durable copper recycling machine is built for heavy usage. According to the diameter of waste copper wires and cables, there are mainly two types of polpular copper recycling machines. One is copper cable granualtor, the other is wire stripper machine. Wire stripper machine can strip wires with a large diameter range of 1-90mm, but it is more suitable for processing the waste copper wires and cables with diameter more than 20mm. If the wire is too thin, it will lead a very low working efficiency. Whirlston Copper cable granulatoradopts dry type separating method, during the whole working process, there is no pollution and little noise. Copper wire granulator is an ideal machine for processing relatively thin wires with diameter of 1-20mm. Copper recycling rate can be 99%.


● what is the complete copper recycling process
The waste copper wire will be turned into 3-5mm granule after twice crushing. Later it will be asperated from PVC plastic by vibrating machine.
● What voltage does it need to work?
We can customize different voltage motor of 220V and380V to meet different requirements.
● Which kinds of materials can be the raw materials of copper wire granualtor?
Any waste copper wires with the diameter within 20mm, such as auto electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, and computer wires etc.