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Radiator Recycling Machine
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Radiator Recycling Machine

Air Conditioner Radiator Recycling Machine

copper pipe recycling machine

Why recycle radiator
Waste radiator is a kind of worn electrical appliances which are known as electrical rubbish. They contain valuable metal resources like gold,silver,copper,alumium,tin,etc. that have high value in use. However, if the waste electrical appliances aren’t processed appropiately, they can directly hazard people health as well as badly pollute the earth,water. To our worrying, only less than 10% are processed scitifically among the huge quantity electrical appliances. Therefore, recycle electrical rubbish has a significant benefit on the temporary era and the future generations.
Radiator recycling machine introduction
Radiator recycling machine is devoted to cut radiators of air conditioners and separate copper pipes from aluminum. It can be structured into two types: the small type and the combined type. To fit for small type, you should classifiy radiators, remove the installing rack,adjust the internal; all these are done by hand, low productivity and also investment; while the combined radiator recycling machine can strip radiators without preprocessing; no need to remove rack and feed by conveyor, works continuously. It has high efficiency in stripping copper pipes and aluminum foil and ensures the blocks and granules of metals, no powder.

copper pipes

Radiator recycling machine features

High efficiency. Separate copper pipes from alumium foil at high speed,no damage to copper pipes. Wide application. Suitable to old electrical appliance recycling center,air conditioner recycling place,etc. Automatic recycling instead of labor working, low electricity consumption and noise. Cost-effective,low breakage rate.

How a radiator recycling machine work  Before separating, it is necesary to cut the radiators neatly with the width of 30-40cm; then put these cut radiators to the feeder smoothly for stripping. Our radiator recycling machine can strip one layer and two layers radiators.When radiators are more than 2 layers, a band saw is needed to cut them into one layer or two layers.

Radiator recycling machine technical data











380V / 60Hz / 3 Phase



Radiator recycling plant (QJ-500)
This is automatic radiator recycling production line with voltage of 380V/10kw; It is quite suitable to recycling large quantity of electric appliance at a time; the separating rate can reach 99.5%. It consists of the following recycling equipment:

radiator recycling plant

1. Belt Conveyor: connect the whole line and convey waste radiators to crusher.
Dimension: 3000*1400*2500mm Voltage / Power: 380V/2.2KW
2. First Crusher (Two-shaft Crusher): to crush radiators to 10-20mm pieces, then the crushed material is transported by the conveyor to the second crusher.
Voltage/Power: 380V / 22KW Dimension: 1100*1800*1960mm
Blade Service Life: 60 days, with an additional set of blades
3. Belt Conveyor: to transfer the first crushed materials for the second crushing.Dimension: 3300*1100*2500mm Voltage / Power: 380V / 2.2KW
4. Second Crusher: After transported to this crusher, the 10-20mm material is shredded by this crusher to smaller pieces.
Voltage/Power: 380V / 55KW Dimension: 1700*1550*2900mm
Blades Service Life: 30 days
5. Magnetic Separator: to separate iron from copper and aluminum, so that copper and aluminum can be separated easily.
Dimension: 3500*1500*2100mm Voltage/Power: 380V / 1.5KW
6. Vibrating Separator: to separate copper pieces from aluminum pieces.
Dimensions: 3800*2000*4000mm Voltage / Power: 380V / 17KW

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