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Landfill VS 4R

For many cities, they all like to choose landfill as a main way to dispose waste. With one truck, waste is collected and dumped easily. However, population is increasing, so is the garbage. Where to find new place for garbage dumping? Besides, garbage dumping easily causes exploding, fire disaster and underground water pollution. Its disgusting smell also influences nearby residents’ health. With time passing, it is becoming urgent.

Many countries and regions put up many new concepts replying to this problem. One of them is 4R, representing reduction, reuse, recycle and recovery. Reduction means reducing waste at the source such as buying what you really need and lessening package. Reuse is to repeatedly use one thing like shopping bag than throwing it away directly. Recycle is very easy to understand, which is become a big industry such as plastic recycling, metal recycling and paper recycling.At last, recovery refers to recover resources from waste. For instance, animal’s manure like cattle can be as the raw material of organic fertilizer or fuel.

4R principle

 4R develops from 3R. Management of all the solid waste needs to follow 3R principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. With the technology improved, people add another principle: recovery. First, reduction at the source is very necessary. At present, many countries start this plan, advocating reducing package and limiting the amount of waste produced by enterprise. Then is reuse, which contributes to save energy and reduction of waste. Next is recycle, referring to make full use of all the available things in the waste. But, this must be based on the garbage classification. Only by classification can the useful scrap be recycled, thus promoting the cyclic utilization of waste material, decreasing the garbage processing cost and lessening the garbage processing difficulty.

After the step of recycle, we still can recover energy from the waste. In the later 1990s, dioxin control technology reached the European safe level.With the development of this technology, waste incineration power generation becomes an clean wast-to-energy technology, which is important for today’s waste problem. After all these done, the rest waste can be dumped.

In fact, the final purpose of 4R principle is to reduce pollution. No matter where these waste stay, they will destroy the whole environment. For realizing 4R principle, not only the country needs to make long-term plan, but also we should take part in this activity. Whirlston Copper Recycling Machine like to be your friend in the copper wire recycling field.