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How to Sell Your Power Cords for More Money

In our daily life, we may find we are surprisingly surrounded with power cords. Every now and then we find some are no longer working and need to be discarded. These cords are most commonly made of a thin layer of plastic with copper cores inside as it conducts electricity efficiently. Instead of selling the power cords directly out, you can make more money by stripping it to harvest the pure copper wire. As a precious metal known to us all, the copper are an amazing valuable source. It is a reusable, recyclable material.


Most scrap yards pay more for pre-stripped wires, and non-stripped power cords are heavily discounted by scrap yards so that you will get less payment. Sometimes you may think of using the copper wiring for a new project. Remember never burn the plastics away as it produces toxic fumes. The burned wires are rejected by many buyers.
If you have small quantity of power cords, you can just follow steps below to strip your power cords.
1. Call your local recycling center or scrap yard and learn their policy for copper wire. Centers with wire cutting machines may not discount payments for non-stripped power cords, so you can just save the time for stripping and earn as the same money.
2. Cut the old, damaged or unused power cord off the appliance or other item to which it is attached.
3. Cut off the plug ends of the cords by a wire cutter. Either dispose of these ends at a dump site or collect in a bag and send to the recycling center.


4. Cut the wire open vertically along its full length using the utility knife, peel away the entire outer cover.
5. Most power cords use stranded copper wire. Those with two-prong plugs are ungrounded power cords. They have two separate twisted wire strands with individual insulation. Unwind them from one another.
6. Stripping the coating off the copper wire by clamping the wire stripper over the wire and pull away the coating. You can do this in sections.
7. Check the latest price of copper and take your copper to the recycling center or scrap yard for a fair price. Remember do this before the copper oxidize. Otherwise it will devalue.
Aside the above methods for stripping the wire, if you have large quantity of wires to deal with, a wire stripping machine can do the entire job for you. Just straighten the power cords without knots and feed them through the machine, then the insulation cover and metal core will be apart completely. It is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand. The diameter of wires ranges from 1mm to 100mm in diameter.