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The Easiest Way of Removing Lacquer from Copper Cookware

If you are in charge of the cookware purchasing in your home, you may have noticed that the new copper cookware will have a certain shine and gleam, which can make your kitchen look extremely pleasing. Usually, the manufacturers will apply a layer of lacquer to protect the cookware from rusting. It is indeed a good idea if you plan to display you cooper cookware rather than use it, for the lacquer layer should be removed before it develops into black, burned-on residue, which makes the cookware ugly and harmful to human health. 

In today’s topic about copper and human health, Whirlston, the manufacturer of wire stripping machine and copper cable granulator, will introduce the easiest way of removing the lacquer from the copper cookware.

At first, you should prepare a large pot, baking soda, and a set of tongs, which will be used in the following work.

Then, fill the pot with suitable water and put it on the stove. Add one tablespoon of baking soda per each quart of water. Heat the water till boiling and carefully put the cookware into the boiling water. Keep heating the water for more than 15 minutes until the lacquer layer begins to peel away. If the layer of scum begins to float on the top of the water, you are nearly succeeded in removing the lacquer layer. Anyway, you will realize it when the lacquer is completely removed. 

Next, you need to take the cookware out of the water with the tongs carefully and put another piece of cookware into the water. If the water becomes noticeably dirty or it is difficult to remove the lacquer, you should replace the water and add some more backing soda. 

Lastly, clean the residual lacquer with a sponge or a soft cloth and soak the cookware in the warm and clean soapy water for a while. 

Now, you have finished the removing job. It is interesting, isn’t it? Beside, any product has its lifecycle. With so many copper scrap at hand, what will you do? You can recycle it by using a copper cable granulator or wire stripping machine, which is a profitable business through out the world.