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Are you Able to Run Electrical Wire?

Do you have trouble in running the electrical wires? Actually, it can be quite easy if you have acquired the right method. Now, Whirlston, the expert of copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine, will teach you how to run electrical wire. 

The electrical wire can be run in the wall, under the home, or in the attic. Whatever situations, you can be successful if you strictly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Turn off the main power supply, which is always the first and fundamental work in the terms of electricity. Bear in mind to keep your wire in straight lines; you should not bend, fold or the wire, which will damage the electrical wire in some degree.

Step 2:Place the wire in the center of the wire clips and hammer them to the stub in the attic or the joist in the basement. And then run the wire along the stud until the destination is reached down into the wall from the attic or go up into the wall. For the new construction, you can use the clips to place the wire on the side of the wall stub. If the wall has already dries, use a metal hanger to search for the wire while the wire clips will be unnecessary. 

Step 3: If you are going to run your wire outside, there is a need for you to use conduit, which will be buried in the ground to protect the inside wire from the elements. If you are going to hang the wires from roof to roof, the outside electrical supply wire and the conduit that can come up through the roof will be your best choice. And a shroud should be placed on the top of the conduit to protect it from the rain.

When all the works are done, you are free to enjoy your fruits of labor. It is always exciting when you have done something by yourself. Besides, we are curious about how you deal with your scrapped copper wires, throw them away? That is a waste of resources. Why not take part in the profitable and environment-friendly copper recycling business?