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Copper Cable Granulator WRS 800
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Copper Wire Recycling Machine WRS 600
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  • How to Choose Qualified Wires?

    Becoming stronger and richer, Whirlston wire stripper machine will realize your dream, for our stripping machine is qualified, high efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly.…

  • The Main Functions of Cable Shield

    Distance tests a horse's strength, and time reveals a person's heart. Although Whirlston wire stripper machine is favored by numerous people in the past 12 years, we still need your test and admiration, for you are always the motivation of our progres…

  • How to Find Scrap Copper in a Scrapped House

    Whirlston copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine quicken you copper recycling speed and increase the purity of your recycled copper. Our fine reputation is built on our long-term integrity management. …

  • How to Indentify the Poor Quality Cables

    Whirlston has provided wire stripping machines for many business giants in the world. Sometimes following others’ steps can also be successful. You can be one of them, too. …

  • Some Basic Information about PVC

    Whirlston cable stripper machine is popular for its high quality, and Whirlton is trustworthy for its good reputation. It is for this reason that more and more customers choose us, Whirlston Machiney.…

  • Cable Antifreeze Skills

    The quality of the Whirlson wire stripping machine is good, the service of Whirlston staffs is considerate, and the reputation of Whirlston is excellent. These are the comments form our customers.…

  • Three Main Workmanships of Electric Wire

    Whirlston wire stripper machine have applied the most authoritative technology in the stripping fields. Technology brings wealth, so does our machine!…

  • Tips on How to Choose Wires and Cables

    Looking for a wire stripper machine? You have found the right place. Whirlston wire stripper machine is both durable and high efficient, and our technology is always ahead of others.…