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Copper Cable Granulator WRS 800
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Copper Wire Recycling Machine WRS 600
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  • Prospect of Copper Granulator in UK Copper Recycling Industry

    There are many reasons for the prosperity of UK’s metal recycling industry. One is the application of recycling machines. Copper granulator is very popular in UK’s copper recycling field.…

  • Huge Market Potential of Copper Wire Granulator in Australia

    Scrap copper recycling plays an important role in the Australian metal recycling industry. Copper wire granulator, which sells very well in Australia, is an inevitable machine in copper wire recycling.…

  • How to Recycle in Daily Life

    For us, common people, knowing some recycling tips will make our life and environment better. Whirlston copper recycling machines has been always taking part in it!…

  • Landfill VS 4R

    Facing to continuously increasing waste, we put up 4R principle. What are they? How can we do it? Whirlston Copper Recycling Machinery offer you the latest environmental concept and recycling machines.Take action with us!…

  • Copper’s Wide Application in Modern Life

    Copper is widely used in our daily life. To know it is for better recycling it. Whirlston copper cable granulator will be your good helper. Efficient and Economic.…

  • What Can the Recycled Copper Be Used For?

    Recycled copper has great value and wide application, therefore copper recycling is a profitable business among metal recycling. Whirlston copper recycling machines will be your good helper!…

  • Recycling Predicament in America

    Whirlston Copper Recycling machines not only can offer you cable granulator and wire stripping machine, but also give you latest information of recycling situation in America.…

  • E Waste Recycling in Ghana

    Agbogbloshie in Ghana is one of the world’s largest e-waste dumping site. Workers burn old electronics to extract metal, posing serious health problems. Measures shall been taken to solve the problem.…