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Prominent Manufacturer of Advanced Wire Stripper Machine

Copper wire stripping machine is especially suitable for stripping thick wires and cables of single-strand or multi-strand. More labor-saving and less energy -consumption.
The following types are hot sale wire stripper machines which can strip wires and cables with dia.1-100mm.we can also manufacture customized machines according to customers' requirement and we promise that every machine is of high quality and competitive price.
Copper Wire Stripper Machine—WRS-918A (single set of roller) 
1.WRS-918A copper wire stripper machine is suitable for stripping single-strand copper wire, aluminium wire etc. with diameter 1-25mm.
2.Simple structure(single set of roller), low cost and very practical.
3.Daily handling capacity:100-300kg
Wire Stripper Machine Technology Data—WRS-918A

Model WRS-918A
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 1.5KW
Dia.of Wire Processed 1-25mm
Capacity 100-300kg/day
Dimension 550*510*840mm
Weight 60kg





Copper Wire Stripping Machine—WRS-918F(two sets of rollers)
1.WRS-918F copper wire stripping machine is widely used for stripping various cables/wires, such as copper wire, aluminium wire,steel wire etc.with diameter 1-30mm
2.WRS-918F copper wire stripping machine is equipped with two sets of rollers which can highly improve the working efficiency.
3.Stable performance, easy operation and strong practicability.
4.Daily handling capacity:150-300kg.
Wire Stripping Machine Technology Data—WRS-918F

Model WRS-918F
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 1.5KW
Dia.of Cable Processed 1-30mm
Capacity 150-300 kg/day
Dimension 560*550*840mm
Weight 70kg


wire striping machine F


Copper Wire Stripper Machine—WRS-918KA
1.WRS-918F wire stripper machine is ideal equipment for stripping copper wire, aluminium wire, etc.with diameter 1-35mm.
2. Reliable operation and strong practicability.
3.Daily handling capacity:400-1000kg
Wire Stripper Machine Technology Data—WRS-918KA

Model WRS-918KA
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 2.2KW
Dia.of Cable Processed 1-35mm
Capacity 400-1000 kg/day
Dimension 600*580*840mm
Weight 80kg


wire stripping machine KA


Copper Wire Stripper Machine—WRS-918KOB(specially for double-strand flat wire)   
1.WRS-918KOB wire stripper machine can not only strip wires with plastic skin but also can  strip rubber cable easily with dia.1-42mm.
2.WRS-918KOB wire stripper machine is specialized in striping single-strand and double-strand flat wires at one time, making it the most popular and advanced wire stripper machine.
3.Daily handling capacity:600-1500kg
Copper Wire Stripper Machine Technology Data—WRS- 918KOB

Model WRS-918KOB
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 2.2KW
Dia.of Cable Processed 1-42mm
Capacity 600-1500 kg/day
Dimension 700*610*840mm
Weight 110kg


wire stripping machine KOB


Copper Cable Stripping Machine—WRS-918B(specially for electric cable)
1.WRS-918B copper cable stripping machine has a wide application with cable diameter within 1-100mm .
2.Gearbox has four different stall speeds to be adjusted, you can switch freely according to your production need.
3.Daily handling capacity:800-2000kg
Cable Stripping Machine Technology Data—WRS-918B

Model WRS-918B
Voltage 380V/220V
Power 4KW
Dia.of Cable Processed 1-100mm
Capacity 800-2000kg/day
Dimension 800*580*1200mm
Weight 200KG


wire stripping machine B


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